Discography Status

The Discography of American Historical Recordings database currently includes the following content:

  • Victor Talking Machine Company recordings made in the United States through 1942, in Central and South America up to 1935, releases derived from masters recorded in Europe by the Gramophone Company, and trial recordings of new artists and sessions from which no discs were issued
  • Columbia Records 10" domestic masters recorded between 1901 and 1934
  • Columbia Records 12" domestic masters recorded between 1906 and 1931
  • Berliner Gramophone Co. domestic recordings from 1892 to 1900
  • OKeh masters recorded between 1918 and 1928
  • US Zonophone 7", 9", 10" and 12" masters recorded between 1900 and 1912

The database currently has data on more than 162,000 matrix records. 10,000 Victor sides are available for online listening.