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Label Name and NumberFormat/Issue SeriesIssue DateTitle/Artist
  [Re-recording from 0B-3048] /  
AC 802Compact disc Ē maurēderoula (Η μαυρηδερουλα) / Marika Papagika 
ACM 12LPI'm lonely and blue / Jimmie Rodgers - Any old time / Jimmie Rodgers - High powered mama / Jimmie Rodgers - I'm lonesome, too / Jimmie Rodgers... 
ACM 11LPThe unissued Jimmie Rodgers 
Alma Criolla ACR-803Compact discPotpourri de los vendedores / María Teresa y Zequeira 
Ambassador CLA-1901  Red sails in the sunset / Louis Armstrong Orchestra 
Ambassador Record #110-in. What a man! / Trimp's Ambassador Bell Hops Orchestra - Reaching for the moon / Trimp's Ambassador Bell Hops Orchestra 
Andante 1130Compact disc Parsifal : Prelude / Philadelphia Orchestra ; Leopold Stokowski - Parsifal : Prelude / Philadelphia Orchestra ; Leopold Stokowski - Parsifal : Prelude / Philadelphia Orchestra ; Leopold Stokowski - Parsifal : Prelude / Philadelphia Orchestra ; Leopold Stokowski... 
Andante 4978Compact disc Gurre-Lieder 
Angry Mom Records AMA 04LPLPA Lament for Epirus, 1926-1928 
Angry Mom Records AMA 04CDCompact discA Lament for Epirus, 1926-1928 
Apex 430910-in. Happiness / Hager's Novelty Orchestra 
Apex 435710-in. I wonder where my sweet, sweet daddy's gone / Leo Erdody ; Hotel Pennsylvania Orchestra 
Apex 400310-in. Carolina in the morning / Jack Green ; Natzy's Biltmore Orchestra 
Apex 400710-in. You gave me your heart / Jack Green ; Natzy's Biltmore Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 439110-in. Two little wooden shoes / Markel's Orchestra - Birdie / Glantz and his Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 454110-in. Swanee bluebird / Sibyl Sanderson Fagan ; Rega Dance Orchestra - Rustic Ann / Erdody's Famous Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 456310-in. Why should I cry over you? / Markel's Orchestra - I wish there was a wireless to heaven / Rega Dance Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 449110-in. Transcription of Swanee River / Ferdinand Himmelreich - The lure of spring / Ferdinand Himmelreich 
Apex (Canada) 453410-in. You won't be sorry / Rega Dance Orchestra - In the little red school house / Markel's Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 456210-in. Cow bells / Billy Jones - Oh! Is she dumb / Ernest Hare ; Billy Jones 
Apex (Canada) 400910-in. Stein song / Royal Dadmun - Hunting song / Royal Dadmun ; Reed Miller 
Apex (Canada) 401710-in. Melodie in F / Park Instrumental Quartette - Memories of home / Philharmonic Trio 
Apex (Canada) 401510-in. Cavatina / Thaddeus Rich ; Justin Ring - Berceuse / Thaddeus Rich ; Justin Ring 
Apex (Canada) 402110-in. Waltz of the hours / Patrick Conway ; Conway's Band - Czardas / Conway's Band 
Apex (Canada) 444710-in. Let the rest of the world go by / Henry Burr ; Albert Campbell - Down the trail to home sweet home / Henry Burr 
Apex (Canada) 414510-in. Cohen talks about the ladies / Monroe Silver - Cohen at the movies / Monroe Silver 
Apex (Canada) 420910-in. The Holy City / Joseph A. Phillips - The voice of the chimes / Shannon Four 
Apex (Canada) 414010-in. In the valley of sunshine and roses / Henry Burr - Silver threads among the gold / Crescent Trio 
Apex (Canada) 411410-in. Missy / Palace Trio ; Rudy Wiedoeft - Alabama moon / Green Brothers' Novelty Band 
Apex (Canada) 443210-in. The observing visitor / Conway's Band - Comin' thro' the rye / Conway's Band 
Apex (Canada) 413810-in. Kailima waltz / Ferera and Franchini - Hilo march / Ferera and Franchini 
Apex (Canada) 454610-in. Echoes of the Marne / Conway's Band - Panamericana / Conway's Band 
Apex (Canada) 453110-in. Little town in the ould County Down / Henry Burr 
Apex (Canada) 418910-in. I need thee every hour / Charles Henry ; James Jordon - Rock of ages / Helen Clark ; Joseph A. Phillips 
Apex (Canada) 438910-in. Kawaha / Ferera and Franchini - He lei no kainani / Ferera and Franchini 
Apex (Canada) 452310-in. All that I need is you / Black and White Melody Boys ; Ray Miller - I got it, you'll get it (Just the same as me) / Harry Rose - A dream of your smile / Blue Diamond Dance Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 446810-in. April showers / Markel's Orchestra - Bimini Bay / Rega Dance Orchestra ; Harry Reser 
Apex (Canada) 420810-in. Christmas Eve in the toy shop / Irving Gillette ; Maud Randolph ; Sterling Trio - Ragtime in a toyshop / Conway's Band 
Apex (Canada) 419010-in. Lead, kindly light / Peerless Quartet - Jesus, Saviour, pilot me / Henry Burr 
Apex (Canada) 420710-in. Christmas hymns medley / Croxton Mixed Trio - Silent night, holy night / Gounod Mixed Trio 
Apex (Canada) 434210-in. Love in lilac time / Gertrude Willey - In a monastery garden / Hager's Concert Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 426810-in. Playmates (I wish I were a boy again) / Charles Hart - Over the hill / Billy Jones 
Apex (Canada) 427210-in. Crucifix / Charles Henry ; James Jordon 
Apex (Canada) 438510-in. The warbler's serenade / Conway's Band - Sunflower dance, op. 11, no. 1 / Margaret McKee 
Apex (Canada) 439510-in. Oriola / Rega Dance Orchestra - Crooning / Damon's Orchestra 
Apex (Canada) 431710-in. Mutt and Jeff in a shooting gallery / Frank Kennedy and Company - Bringing up Father in the League of Wives / Frank Kennedy and Company 
Apex (Canada) 431010-in. Sirene of the southern sea / Black Devil Orchestra ; J. Tim Brymn ; Harold Weeks - Wang wang blues / Black Devil Orchestra ; J. Tim Brymn 
Apex (Canada) 433910-in. Camp-meeting blues / Black Devil Orchestra ; J. Tim Brymn - The Memphis blues / Black Devil Orchestra ; J. Tim Brymn 
Apex (Canada) 433010-in. Wait until you see my Madeline / Banjo Wallace's Orchestra - My man / Green Brothers' Novelty Band 

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