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Full editing of domestic Victor sessions is complete through June 30th, 1930

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ACM 11 (LP) The sailor's plea / Jimmie Rodgers ; The Three Southerners - Moonlight and skies / Jimmie Rodgers - Take me back again / Jimmie Rodgers - Those gambler's blues / Jimmie Rodgers...
ACM 12 (LP) I'm lonely and blue / Jimmie Rodgers - Any old time / Jimmie Rodgers - High powered mama / Jimmie Rodgers - I'm lonesome, too / Jimmie Rodgers...
Alma Criolla ACR-803 (CD) Potpourri de los vendedores / María Teresa y Zequeira
Arbiter 141 (CD) The essential Pachmann 1907-1927: early and unissued recordings
Arhoolie FL 7031 (CD) Oz w Bernie w magazynie / Wiejska Orkiestra Kmiecia
Arhoolie CD 7033 (CD) Rafferty's reel / Frank Quinn - The shan van vough / Frank Quinn - The emerald medley / Frank Quinn - Eddie Dunn's favorite reel / Frank Quinn...
Arhoolie 7036 (CD) El frijolito / Cuarteto Coculense - Arenita de oro / Cuarteto Coculense - Las olas de la laguna / Cuarteto Coculense - El chivo / Cuarteto Coculense
Aurora 223 Going across the sea / Crook Brothers' String Band - Love somebody / Crook Brothers' String Band
Aurora 236 Pretty little doggies / Cartwright Brothers - The wandering cowboy / Cartwright Brothers
Aurora 36-115 Tom Sherman's barroom / Dick Devall - Out on the Lone Star cow trail / Dick Devall
Aurora (Canada) 403 Mississippi breakdown / Mississippi 'Possum Hunters - 'Possum on the rail / Mississippi 'Possum Hunters
Aurora (Canada) 36-114 Cottonwood reel / Happy Hayseeds - Home sweet home / Happy Hayseeds
Aurora (Canada) 212 Will the circle be unbroken? / Bud Billings [i.e., Frank Luther] ; Carson Robison - You'll never miss your mother till she's gone / Bud Billings [i.e., Frank Luther] ; Carson Robison
Aurora (Canada) 215 Life's railway to Heaven / Calhoun Sacred Quartet - The church in the wildwood / Calhoun Sacred Quartet
Aurora (Canada) 221 Roscoe Trillion breakdown / Bill Helms ; Upson County Band - Alabama jubilee breakdown / Bill Helms ; Upson County Band
Aurora (Canada) 222 Dreamy autumn waltz / Poplin-Woods Tennessee String Band - Are you from Dixie? / Poplin-Woods Tennessee String Band
Aurora (Canada) 224 Whistling Rufus / McLaughlin's Old Time Melody Makers - Take your foot out of the mud / McLaughlin's Old Time Melody Makers
Aurora (Canada) 227 The yodler's serenade / Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers - Where the sweet magnolias bloom / Taylor-Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers
Aurora (Canada) 228 Fireman save my child / Haywire Orchestra ; Radio Mac [i.e., Harry K. McClintock] - The trusty lariat / Haywire Orchestra ; Radio Mac [i.e., Harry K. McClintock]
Aurora (Canada) 229 At last my dreams have come true / Burkes Brothers - Lonesome and lonely / Burkes Brothers
Aurora (Canada) 230 The boy in blue / Stuart Hamblen - When the moon shines down upon the mountain / Stuart Hamblen
Aurora (Canada) 231 'Long side the Santa Fé trail / Jules Verne Allen - Two fragments / Jules Verne Allen
Aurora (Canada) 232 Lonely cowboy / Arthur Miles - Lonely cowboy / Arthur Miles
Aurora (Canada) 233 The cowboy's meditation / Carl T. Sprague - The last longhorn / Carl T. Sprague
Aurora (Canada) 234 When your sweetheart waits for you, Jack / Billie Maxwell - Haunted hunter / Billie Maxwell
Aurora (Canada) 235 The wayward daughter / Carl T. Sprague - The Mormon cowboy / Carl T. Sprague
Aurora (Canada) 237 A-walkin' the streets of Laredo / Newton Gaines - Barbara Allen / Newton Gaines
Aurora (Canada) 238 Dalton round-up / Leonard C. Fulwider ; Jack Cawley's Oklahoma Ridge Runners - Whoa, mule, whoa / Leonard C. Fulwider
Aurora (Canada) 239 Make me a cowboy again / Peg Moreland - You'll want someone to love when you're old / Peg Moreland
Aurora (Canada) 400 Bull at the wagon / Lewis Brothers - Sally Johnson / Lewis Brothers
Aurora (Canada) 401 My name is ticklish Reuben / Smyth County Ramblers
Aurora (Canada) 402 She's comin' 'round the mountain / Jimmie Wilson's Catfish String Band - Catfish whiskers / Jimmie Wilson's Catfish String Band
Aurora (Canada) 404 Maxwell's old rye waltz / White Mountain Orchestra - Escudilla waltz / White Mountain Orchestra
Aurora (Canada) 405 He's a beaut / Dixie Entertainers ; Earl Johnson - I lost my girl / Dixie Entertainers ; Earl Johnson
Aurora (Canada) 406 White lightning / Georgia Yellow Hammers - Peaches down in Georgia / Georgia Yellow Hammers
Aurora (Canada) 409 Does the pathway lead straight / Turkey Mountain Singers - Keep marching all the time / Turkey Mountain Singers - Purple Dog Tango /
Aurora (Canada) 417 Cowboy Jack / Peg Moreland
Aurora (Canada) 418 Following the cow trail / Carl T. Sprague - Cowboy love song / Carl T. Sprague
Aurora (Canada) 419 O bury me not on the lone prairie / Carl T. Sprague - The cowboy's dream / Carl T. Sprague
Aurora (Canada) 420 Little Joe, the wrangler / Jules Verne Allen - Jack o' diamonds / Jules Verne Allen
Aurora (Canada) 421 The days of forty-nine / Jules Verne Allen - Home on the range / Jules Verne Allen
Aurora (Canada) 422 Cowboy's lament / Mac [i.e., Harry K. McClintock] - Good-bye Old Paint / Mac [i.e., Harry K. McClintock]
Aurora (Canada) 36-107 When the flowers bloom in the springtime / C. W. Davis - Down in a southern town / C. W. Davis
Aurora (Canada) 36-108 One more kiss before I go / Lewis McDaniel ; Gid Smith - My father doesn't love me / Lewis McDaniel ; Gid Smith
Aurora (Canada) 36-116 Wreck of the six wheeler / Jim New [i.e., Newton Gaines - For work I'm too lazy / Jim New [i.e., Newton Gaines
Aurora (Canada) 36-117 Take time to be holy / Holman and Robinson - Nailed to the cross / Holman and Robinson
Aurora (Canada) 36-118 Singing the story of grace / Palmer Sisters - Help me to find the way / Palmer Sisters
Bear Family BFX 15285 (LP) Barnyard Stomp
Bear Family BCD 15540 (CD) The Singing Brakeman
Bear Family BCD-15865 (CD) In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain

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