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CompanyMatrix NumberSizeFirst Take DateTitlePrimary PerformerDescription
Zonophone[Zo cat 7075]12-in.Before Jan. 1909 Mendelssohn Mixed QuartetteMixed vocal quartet 
DeccaL 3283     
DeccaL 139671/21/1966 Spurs and Boots  
Gramophone7982e10-in.Mar. 1908Sophus ErhardtMonologue 
DeccaL 890610-in.1/6/1956 Crazy in the heartPeggy Lee  
DeccaL 890810-in.1/6/1956 I didn't know enough about youPeggy Lee  
DeccaL 92666/5/1956 It never entered my mindPeggy Lee  
DeccaL 92636/5/1956 It's all right with mePeggy Lee  
DeccaL 890510-in.1/6/1956 Joey, Joey, JoeyPeggy Lee  
DeccaL 890410-in.1/6/1956 Mister WonderfulPeggy Lee  
DeccaL 114073/5/1959 The Thin man themePam Garner ; Les Brown and his Band of Renown  
DeccaL 890310-in.1/6/1956 They can't take that away from mePeggy Lee  
DeccaL 890710-in.1/6/1956 You've got to see Mama ev'ry nightPeggy Lee  
OKehW40245110-in.6/14/1929"44" bluesRoosevelt SykesMale vocal solo, with piano 
VictorBS-7811710-in.10/6/1933"Fishing time" square dance—with callsNational Barn Dance OrchestraString band, with dance calls 
ColumbiaW14178510-in.3/10/1926"Gimme" a little kiss will "ya" huh?Fred Rich Hotel Astor Orchestra ; Bob NelsonJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
ColumbiaW14175910-in.3/4/1926"Gimme" a little kiss will "ya" huh?Confidential CharleyMale vocal solo, with piano 
Columbia8116110-in.8/3/1923"Maggie!" ("Yes! Ma'am!")Frank CrumitMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorA-12857-in.4/29/1904"Meet me in St. Louis" medleyArthur Pryor's BandBand 
VictorA-17057-in.9/26/1904"Mocking bird" medleySpencer TrioMale vocal trio, with piano 
OKehW40021510-in.2/13/1928"Mooch" Richardson's low down barrel house bluesMooch RichardsonMale vocal solo, with guitar 
VictorB-1845510-in.9/23/1916"My Hawaiian maid" medleyWright and DietrichFemale-male vocal duet, with ukulele and 2 guitars 
VictorCVE-5342512-in.5/22/1929"My hero" medleyInternational Novelty Orchestra ; Nathaniel ShilkretOrchestra 
VictorA-2747-in.8/15/1903"My old Kentucky home" fantasySousa's BandBand 
VictorBRC-6883310-in.3/30/1931"Narodzené" meno (Meniny)A. Pelak a SpolComic scene, with instrumental quartet 
VictorBRC-6883410-in.3/30/1931"Narodzené" meno (Meniny)A. Pelak a SpolComic scene, with instrumental quartet 
ColumbiaW15208410-in.1/20/1932"New" twenty-one yearsBob Ferguson and his ScalawaggersMale vocal solo, with fiddle (violin) and piano 
Columbia8155910-in.2/14/1924"No" means "Yes"Silver Slipper OrchestraJazz/dance band 
Columbia7885110-in.12/9/1919"O" (Oh!)Jack Kaufman ; Ted Lewis Jazz BandJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
Columbia7882610-in.11/24/1919"O" (Oh!)Ted Lewis Jazz BandJazz/dance band 
Columbia7882410-in.11/21/1919"O" (Oh!)Straight's TrioInstrumental trio 
OKehS-714610-in.Jan. 1920"O"—(Oh!)Jack Kaufman ; Rega Dance OrchestraJazz/dance band, with male vocal solo 
VictorB-1268810-in.12/10/1912"On the Mississippi" medleySousa's BandBand 
Columbia7774910-in.4/2/1918"Pay day"Arthur FieldsMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKehS-7015610-in.Sept. 1921"U" need some lovingPalmetto Jazz Quartet Male vocal quartet, unaccompanied 
OKehS-779510-in.Feb. 1921"U" need some loving bluesJazz Hounds ; Mamie SmithFemale vocal solo, with jazz/dance band 
Victor8019110-in.9/9/1936"X" do problemaAracy de AlmeidaFemale vocal solo 
VictorBVE-5101310-in.3/7/1929"Yo te amo" means "I love you"Nathaniel Shilkret ; Victor OrchestraOrchestra, with male vocal solo 
OKehW40354510-in.12/20/1929"¿Chari longuita!"Banda OkehInstrumental ensemble 
VictorBS-7335810-in.9/2/1932"— And so to bed"George Olsen and his Music ; Ethel Shutta ; Paul SmallJazz/dance band, with female-male vocal duet 
DeccaL 1596412/31/1971$ 15 drawSorrells Pickard  
VictorBVE-5397210-in.8/1/1929'400' hopThe MissouriansJazz/dance band 
VictorB-1212010-in.6/20/1912'666'Lovey's Trinidad String BandInstrumental ensemble 
VictorB-2641310-in.4/13/1922'A 'Santanotte'Alfredo CibelliMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorB-1925210-in.3/7/1917'A banca d' 'e mellune a porta CapuanaVincenzo PreziosoMonologue 
VictorB-3182610-in.2/2/1925'A bella d' 'o vicoVincenzo Di MaioMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
OKeh7388510-in.Jan. 1926'A bossa miaGennaro AmatoMale vocal solo, with orchestra 
VictorBVE-6215010-in.5/13/1930'A briscolaVictor Comedy CompanyComic scene 
VictorBVE-5716010-in.11/21/1929'A caccia e 'a pescaAnna Ciaramella ; Roberto CiaramellaDialogue, with instrumental trio 
VictorB-3080510-in.9/8/1924'A CafuncellaGina SanteliaFemale vocal solo, with orchestra 

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